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“Stop Falling For The Okeydoke”

“You hit the nail right on the head!”

~ Bishop Felton Edwin May (Retired) of the United Methodist Church

“This book is a very personal and powerful examination of the “lie of race” that has served those in power well throughout our history and right up to the present day. [His book’s] approach dispels pervasive myths and untruths and illuminates the history, science and politics of this destructive ‘lie’.”

~ Myla Kabat-Zinn (daughter of Dr. Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States)

“I have known Stephen Tillett for many years, and he has been making big moves all his life. And now he is leading the way again with this incredible book! This book is leading edge thinking and it will have a big impact on America and the world!

~ Dr. Willie Jolley, Bestselling author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback and Achieving Greatness with An Attitude of Excellence

Dear Reverend Tillett,

I just wanted to let you know that I really liked the article you wrote that appeared in the Capital today. I completely agree with you that “race” is a lie, and it is continually perpetuated in all sorts of subtle ways – when the census asks what your race is, when studies report demographics on race, when doctors’ offices ask you what your race is. I find it irritating and offensive that so many people think that what I look like on the outside has such a huge impact on my behavior, health, thoughts, and emotions. As a social science researcher, I believe that continuing to divide people by the color of their skin so we can talk about differences between “races” is unethical and abhorrent.

I was so pleased and gratified to see that somebody else thinks that race isn’t real either. 🙂

Keep up the good work!

~Colby,  Annapolis MD

Dear Stephen,

I am pleased to say that your book, “Stop Falling for the Okeydoke”, is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants a quick, sensible, and understandable discussion of what is, and has been, going on in this country for at least the last three hundred years.  It’s time to admit that God created one race, the HUMAN race, and that human beings created racism.  Anything we can create, we can destroy.  It’s time to destroy racism.  Reading this book will help people to realize how, when, and why it’s time to get busy and do that very thing.

The material concerning ‘tolerance’ is especially important, I think.

~ Jane Elliott

I finished your book earlier today.  It was great.  I enjoyed it so much, I took a few minutes to double-check the meaning of the words that came to mind to describe it to ensure they were accurate.  Among them:

  1. Compelling

  2. Candid

  3. Sincere 

  4. Substantive and

  5. Essential

Thank you for loving humankind and brown people enough to write it.

~ Kimberly Johnson

CTD, LLC., located in Maryland and established May 2, 2017, is a new company devoted to seeking and disseminating truth and dispelling misinformation and disinformation.  

Rev. Stephen A. Tillett was born & reared in Washington, DC.  He earned his Bachelors of Arts from American University and his Masters of Divinity from Howard University School of Divinity, both in Washington, D.C.  

“I am passionate about every reflection and representation of the human family coming together, not in a superficial “Kumbayah moment,” but in a manner that respects each one’s diversity and is devoted to full inclusion of every other one of us.”

A Plea To My Cousins – COVID-19

A Plea To My Cousins! The world is facing its first global pandemic in over a century.  Very few people today were alive during the last pandemic, the Influenza pandemic of 1918.  It took over 50 million lives, worldwide (for context, approximately 500 million people, one-third of the world’s population in 1918, had influenza, and 10 percent of those died).  So, this is really a new experience for all of us.  In times like these, whether it is at a time of war, facing a natural disaster, or a global pandemic, now we are confronted with our common humanity in new ways.  At this time, we must ask ourselves, “will this time of challenge bring out the best in me, or will I fall back into old patterns that are harmful for me and for others?” There are three words that should mean more to us today than perhaps they did few weeks ago.  The Human Family.  The COVID-19 pandemic has struck six continents and has proven to be no respecter of person, status, fame, profession or position.  The crown prince of England, as well as their prime minister, members of Congress, professional athletes and Hollywood actors have all been stricken with this virus that is bringing life, as we know it, to a standstill. The Human Family (that’s all of us, Cousins) is in the crosshairs of the Coronavirus, and the only way most of us will come out of this alive is if we do it wisely and together.  That will require that many of the ways in which our country and the world has functioned, that we have come to accept as normal, be seen through new eyes. The United States and the entire planet must embrace the need for a paradigm shift.  There must be a fundamental change in how we do business and how we interact with one another.  Most seem to grasp that “we are all in the same boat” now.  I would suggest that this uncommon recognition of our shared destiny as members of the human family cannot simply be a pandemic exception.  It should become our new normal. We often throw shade and judge people (even children) who haven’t yet managed to “pick themselves up by their own bootstraps” without caring to notice that they have neither boots nor straps.  It’s a new day.  Even our government has been forced to consider and pass legislation that will benefit most of our fellow citizens because they haven’t had the time to calculate how to inflict harm on the usual suspects this time.  They must simply function as government for the entire nation, rather than government for everyone but you. “Life as we know it” is over, and should never be allowed to return in the same form again!  Never again should the needs of 327 million be held hostage so that 3 million people can insist on another historic transfer of wealth from most of us to just a few of them.  Tax cuts and corporate bailouts cannot be the first order of business when the whole country is hurting. Forrest Gump said, “Momma said there's only so much fortune a man really needs and the rest is just for showing off.”  The time “just for showing off” is over. According to Census data, we live in a country where approximately 40 percent of children require some type of means tested assistance to survive (as do over 50 million of our fellow Americans, total).  That’s around 1 in 6, for those who are counting.  Malnutrition and food insecurity are not new.  Housing insecurity is not new. The need for a living wage is not new. They have just become more obvious right now and for the time being, we cannot ignore it.  It was never alright to ignore these basic needs in our land of plenty.  It will never be alright to ever ignore these people again! My cousins, the mantra “Same Stuff Different Day” has been a cruel and painful reality for far too long. It is now a new day and the “same stuff” just won’t do any more. Rev. Stephen A. Tillett Pastor, Asbury Broadneck UMC, author of Stop Falling for the Okeydoke: How the Lie of “Race” Continues to Undermine Our Country Published in part in the Capital Gazette on March 29, 2020  

Live or Perish, The Choice Is Ours

A few months ago, Editor Rick Hutzell asked me if I would consider writing a piece related to guns and the domestic terror attack that took the lives of five Capital Gazette employees. At the time, I wasn’t sure what my “hook” would be to discuss that tragedy in any meaningful way. Alas, the past few months have made some things abundantly clear. First, I will state the obvious. No one with a history of mental illness or domestic abuse and violence should be able to own a firearm. Second, enhancements such as bump stocks and other weapon augmentations that increase the firepower of weapons do not belong on our nation’s streets. Third, weapons of war (automatic weapons, etc.) don’t belong on our streets, either. I believe that the greatest threat to civil society, however, is the determination by one individual or group that the lives of other individuals or groups do not hold the same value as their own. These murderers somehow feel inherently better than or superior to others, which allows them to dehumanize them in such a manner that to kill those persons means nothing to them. Going one step further, the upsurge of recent incidents of domestic terrorism often seem to be tied to people who feel aggrieved by the demographic changes in the United States. This discomfort with the changing face of America leads them to try to kill as many “others” as they can, in their efforts to push back against the inevitable. This pushing back against “outsiders” is particularly ironic and galling given that it was outsiders from Europe who came to the “new world” and committed genocide against millions of indigenous persons already living here. And now those outsiders deign to claim “insider” status and want to keep everyone else out … at the point of a gun, if they have to. All of this goes back to what the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. would call, “man’s inhumanity to man,” our inability to see humanity in an “other” or to treat an “other” with decency, kindness and respect. This death of civility in America is leading us into a yawning chasm of disconnection, discontent and hatred we may never escape. King said: “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” I believe it is this misguided, false sense of superiority or a heightened sense of paranoia that have led us to this place of rampant violence and disrespect. Fear of the loss of a “white nation” that never was, in a world where the People of the Global Majority (people of color) are 90 percent of the people of this planet. We must learn to live together in peace or we will perish together in acrimony. Nowhere is this loss of comity and decency in our community more keenly felt, at the local level, than in our public schools. I do not blame Anne Arundel County Public Schools for the transgressions of misguided children in our schools. I do, however, expect them to hold every student accountable who mistreats their fellow students. But, the offending students didn’t learn how to be hateful and antisocial in the schools. They learned it at the kitchen table at home! Parents do their children a disservice when they teach them that hatred, prejudice and ethnicism are OK and that acting out on those feelings in a public place is also acceptable. The world is changing and children miseducated with a false sense of “supremacy” will find themselves less able to function in a world growing more diverse by the day. Some may even feel justified and entitled to march into a newsroom or a synagogue or a church and ending the lives of however many “others” they can find. This is a big world. Everyone has a place in it. No one else has the right to say who can or cannot be here. No one else has the right to take someone else’s life because they “disagree” with their skin color, their accent, their religion or their politics. We will either learn to live together or we will perish together, but whatever we choose, we will do it together. I pray we choose the former!

No Matter What?

No Matter What? I am compelled to express my disgust at the determination of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the White House to ramrod through a Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nomination no matter what.  While Brett Kavanaugh might meet some of the standards for a Justice, as far as his legal training and experience, there are other factors which weigh heavily with this nomination.  I am well aware that “elections have consequences,” so whomever the president is when a SCOTUS vacancy occurs has earned the right, by virtue of the votes of his/her fellow citizens, to nominate a person to fill the vacancy (unless, of course, you are President Barack Obama in the winter of 2016). There are so many things that are being done out of order now that undermine any façade of comity or cooperation, that we find ourselves in a constant state of toxic politics.  I am concerned that our democracy is being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency and ideological purity.  The virulent desperation of the “Christian right” to end access to legal abortion has emboldened some senators to abandon any pretense of “deliberation” in order to force this nomination upon the nation before the upcoming elections, no matter what. I am especially troubled that some women would dismiss, out-of-hand, a complaint about sexual assault or harassment from other women just because it is ideologically inconvenient. Surely there must be some other potential SCOTUS nominees who would desire to overturn Roe as fervently as Kavanaugh, but without his baggage. While I expect, but don't excuse, that cognitive dissonance from men in positions of power, I expect better from women. For some senators to earnestly assert their "sympathy" that Dr. Ford was assaulted, but to also assert that she has mis-remembered who assaulted her is insulting and laughable. This is not about ideology nor the usual bloviations about “right” and “left.”  This is fundamentally about human decency and respecting the claims of women about the abuses they have faced, whether there were eye witnesses to it or not (such as with the accusers of jailed comedian Bill Cosby.  I’m just sayin’…) One has to wonder what the daughters and granddaughters of some US Senators think about their father/grandfather’s politically dismissive attitudes toward sexual assault. This obsession over abortion overlooks a few things.  First, less than two percent of all the cases the SCOTUS hears will involve abortion.  Second, even with the White House, both houses of Congress and a conservative majority on the SCOTUS, they will probably never end all access to legal abortion, because that would deprive some candidates of their go-to campaign issue every election season. I must note here that as a minister of the Gospel, I know and believe that all life is precious, but not just pre-born life! Some of the same people who are obsessed to end abortion and insist anything conceived must be born, no matter what, are also the people who oppose programs that would enhance the standard of living for the children once they have been born.  How can one insist a child be born but then oppose AFDC and SNAP benefits, Head Start programs, health care for said children and free or affordable college or vocational education?  These people are not Pro-Life, as they assert, they are Pro-Birth!  After the baby is born, they’re on their own! I believe if we made the world more child (and parent) friendly, there would likely be a lot less abortions. Third, most of the political leadership, while manipulating the abortion issue to their own advantage, probably don’t really care that much about it, but are more concerned with the other 98 to 99 percent of the rulings the SCOTUS makes.  And many of those rulings from a “conservative” (i.e., corporate and pro-business) court will lead to negative outcomes for most Americans, such as, rulings made asserting that corporations deserve the same rights as people. The court makes many more rulings that damage our nation concerning the burgeoning security and police state in America, employer/employee disputes, the environment, voter suppression and gerrymandering and any number of other matters that are of greater concern to many Americans. This is about a lifetime appointment to our highest court.  Irrespective of how long it may take, we have to get this right – no matter what! Submitted by Rev. Stephen A. Tillett, Pastor of Asbury Broadneck UMC, Annapolis, MD, President of the Anne Arundel County, Maryland Branch NAACP and author of Stop Falling for the Okeydoke: How the Lie of “Race” Continues to Undermine Our Country (

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