Father’s Day Tribute

As I reflect on the continuing influence of my father in my life on this 18th Father’s Day without him, a few thoughts come to mind. First, Malcolm Tillett was an educator. He taught history, government and other similar courses in high schools in the District of Columbia. He also developed in me a love of history, a penchant for critical thinking and a thirst for accurate information that is often diluted, at best, in our history books.
Second, I am sure that Dad would be both mortified and unsurprised at some of the self-destructive tendencies that have been on display in our political arena for the past several years. The Party Before Country (PBC) crowd assiduously resisted cooperating with President Obama on just about everything. As a consequence, we have crumbling tunnels, roads and bridges that could have been repaired years ago but were left deficient because of a deficient Congress that refused to cooperate with him on anything. That is a dereliction of duty of the highest order.
Stop Falling for the Okeydoke seeks to bridge the education gap and help those who do not have a clear understanding of the legacy of greed and the naked thirst for power at all costs in our country to “buy a vowel and get a clue” about what is really being done to all of us, irrespective of the color of our skin. I hope we can become more forthright in holding our elected officials accountable to actually serve and represent us.
So on this Father’s Day, Dad, I salute you and your contribution to educating young minds, starting with mine, and launching me on this journey. I hope I’m making you proud.